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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


Come and see our highlights from 2016-2017.

Please click here to view Reception's Newsletters from 2016-2017. 


Quotes from the Reception children about their learning from the Autumn Term:

I have loved trying the new equipment.

I liked learning new sounds.

I like adding numbers with Numicon.

It was fun learning how to make my Chanukiah with clay.

I like playing with my friends.

I like playing with my new friends.

I liked painting my Chanukiah.

It was fun doing the 'Happy' dance and learning new moves.

We have been practising writing I made a road safety poster.

We do lot's of fun games in phonics.

I made a menu for the ice cream parlour.


In the second half of the Summer term they children learnt about Plants and Flowers. They learnt about the different parts and described them.  It was really fun to describe the smells.

In the first half of the Summer Term the children have learnt about 2D shapes and how to find them in the environment. Reception went on several 2D shape hunts and described their properties. They used Ipads to photograph the shapes they found and clipboards to write the properties.

The children sold their perfumes in their perfume shop. They labelled their perfumes with their names, they wrote what they had used to make them and put a price on them. It was a great opportunity to learn about money!

In the second part of the Spring Term the children really enjoyed drawing the different parts of a farm and their animals and writing labels to know where on the farm they were!

In the first part of the Spring term, the children enjoyed observing the chicks as they hatched and grew!

In the second part of the Autumn Term the children created a stage in the role play area and decided to put on their own show. They wrote a welcome sign for everyone to see and handed out tickets to the show. Their show was “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”.

The children are using their gross motor skills and problem solving skills to create planks with materials found outside. They placed beams on top of the tyres and showed our balancing skills as they walked across.

The children have been reading The Naughty Bus.  The children loved to plan their journey to the RAF Museum.

They have really enjoyed learning about different types of transport and countries. The children made time tables for the train station, the bus station and the airport that they had in their role play area.

The children have learnt how to make perfume and explored the different smells and textures of flowers! They learnt the names of the different parts of a flower.

The children loved looking after their garden and learning new things about the vegetables they had. The children learnt how to describe them and talked about healthy eating, yummy!

The children enjoyed exploring capacity by filling different size socks and using mathematical vocabulary to compare them, such as lighter and heavier.  They begun to estimate how many scoops it would take to fill the different size socks.

The children were learning about road safety and experienced crossing the road. They made sure to “stop, look and listen” before crossing the road. They also made road safety posters.

The children have created their own constructions during table top using various building materials. Each child is telling the class what they made and why it is special to them.

The children used the iPads to research information about the countries they liked. They really enjoyed searching interesting facts about India, Israel, Iceland and Spain.

They have been studying mini beasts. The children went on a mini beast hunt and found plenty of worms, ants and spiders that they observed and studied using magnifying glasses!

Reception celebrated Israel’s birthday with a talent show. The children were really excited to make posters for their shows and act out their performances!

The children used different materials for our constructions. Some of us build farms with all the different parts for the animals others made a dinosaur farm and others tried to build a farm as the one they had in class. They had lots of fun!

To help celebrate Book Week the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Pippa Goodhart.  The children listened to her read some of her own stories as well as made up their own story.

The children have enjoyed playing numicon bingo by finding a number which is one more than a given number to challenge the children. We all had a turn at filling up our numicon board. The first person to fill up their board yelled “bingo”.

The children are helping to make their very own playdough to use in the classroom. They are following the recipe and love getting their hands dirty.

The children are creating their very own number line to help them count objects. They had lots of fun lying down on the ground while the children jumped from one number to the next.