Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Vision and Ethos Statement

Our Vision: 



Value Driven - to root our children in the teachings and values of Modern Orthodox Judaism so they can make a positive contribution to British and Jewish society showing respect and inclusivity for all 


Independence - our graduates will be confident independent individuals who are resilient and able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives by making the right choices 


Nurturing - creating a tight-knit school, where all of our children are kind, considerate, and look out for each other 


Community - to be an integral part of the local community working in partnership and communicating effectively with our parents, synagogues, and the wider area 


Educational Excellence - we will develop our children to become lifelong learners, fulfilling their individual potential, and achieving excellence across a rich & diverse curriculum 


At Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School we have an emphasis on growing the ‘whole child’ in order to develop independent and resilient learners. Equality of opportunity and inclusivity go hand in hand with a broad and balanced curriculum to develop each child's potential. We promote an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance and respect for achievements in which all children can thrive; a climate of warmth and support in which confidence and self-esteem can flourish. Community, charity, religious knowledge and the ethical and moral values described in the Torah will permeate all aspects of our school life and we are committed to promoting tolerance and respect for people of all faiths, cultures and lifestyles to prepare children positively for life in modern Britain. 


This statement was approved by the Governing Body in July 2022.