Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Etz Chaim is officially a Healthy School!


Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School holds the Healthy Schools London Gold Status. We renewed our Bronze Award in June 2022 – our completed review tool can be seen on the Healthy Schools website.

Our Healthy School Status recognises that:

• The school provides clear leadership to create and manage a positive environment, which enhances emotional and physical health and well-being in school

• The school has a number of policies related to physical and mental health and wellbeing (a list of these can be found on the review tool), which are reflected in practice and through ethos, culture and the environment

• The school curriculum includes these areas of learning which are monitored and evaluated to ensure the quality of teaching and learning:
PSHE education including relationships and sex education (RSE) and drug, alcohol and tobacco education
Emotional wellbeing and mental health including anti-bullying, social and emotional learning (SEL) and risk
Healthy eating including cooking skills and food education
Physical activity including curriculum PE each week and health-related exercise

• Outdoor areas and playgrounds are safe, supportive, encourage physical activity and include quiet areas

• The school meets the statutory DfE Standards for school food (2015) for school lunches; any food provided other than lunches e.g. breakfast club, after school clubs; and pupils have easy access to free, clean and palatable drinking water at all times

• The school has systems to identify and meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people and has arrangements to provide appropriate and relevant support. All children and young people and parents/carers can, confidentially, access advice, support and services (within and beyond school)

• The school identifies staff CPD needs for health and wellbeing and provides appropriate training and development opportunities

• The school provides opportunities for parents/carers to access information, support and advice on health and wellbeing

• The school engages with the local community and a range of external agencies and encourages volunteering by children and young people and the wider community to support pupils, parents/carers and staff on:
 - PSHE education
 - Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health
 - Healthy eating
 - Physical activity