Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


At Etz Chaim the key purpose of assessment is to move children on in their learning. Continued monitoring of each child’s progress gives a clear picture of what each child has learnt and how we can help them to continue moving their learning forward. It is important that the teacher knows what has been learnt, what skills have been acquired and what concepts have been understood. This enables teachers to reflect on what children are doing and informs their future planning.


Assessment in school takes place in a variety of formal and informal ways. The teachers employ a variety of techniques including targeted questioning, quizzes, small group and 1:1 discussions as well as formal testing to ensure they know what the children know and where they may have an gaps in their leaning and understanding which will need to be addressed.


Termly Pupil Progress meetings are held between the Senior Leadership Team and class teachers to identify children and groups who are in danger of underachieving and to identify what these children need to reduce the gaps and how this will be achieved. 

At the end of each academic year pupils are assessed against their end of year group expectations.  We assess whether they are:

  • working below key stage expectations
  • working towards age-related expectations
  • working at age related expectations
  • working at greater depth


As well as regular ongoing assessment carried out by class teachers, our children complete the Statutory Assessments laid out by the government during their time with us.

Reception - the Reception Baseline Assessment and end of year assessment using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

Year 1 - The Phonic Screening Test 

Year 4 - The Multiplication Tables Check

Year 6 - End of Key Stage 2 SATs