Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Key Stage 1


Key Stage 1 includes Years 1 and 2, which are the first classes to follow the National Curriculum. There are a range of different adults working in the class at different times to support the children with their learning. This includes Class Teachers, Jewish Studies teachers and Teaching Assistants as well as specialised Phonics and PE teachers.


The structure of Key Stage 1 develops the foundations embedded by the Foundation Staff as the children continue their learning journey at Etz Chaim. 


The curriculum in Key Stage 1 encourages independence and a sense of responsibility; fosters the child’s spiritual and moral growth; develops language and reasoning skills and promotes a positive attitude to school and learning. 


Phonics, Reading, Writing and Mathematics form the main focus of the curriculum. We follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics Scheme. The children also study a variety of other curriculum areas including; Science, Art, Design and Technology, Music, History, Geography and Computing in a way that is challenging and motivating. Children also have PE, Jewish Studies and Ivrit lessons. 


The classroom settings are bright and airy with stimulating displays and working walls adding to children’s implicit learning. Lessons are taught both inside and outside as often as possible and include practical activities so that learning is varied and interesting to all children regardless of their preferred learning style.