Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School



We have very high expectations of children’s behaviour. We support children in making good behaviour choices that help to make everybody safe and happy so that they can each make the most of their learning potential. We aspire to children making great choices without needing to be told – doing the right thing even when no-one is looking.

Pupils are encouraged to develop positive relationships with each other and are well supported to resolve conflicts intelligently and seek consensus while accepting the right of others to hold different opinions. The school uses the Zones of Regulation and Emotion Coaching to support children to regulate their emotions, and this is coupled with the HeadsUp training to support them to  manage themselves and their interactions with others. 

The whole school approach to behaviour management aims to ensure that every member of the school community including the children, are fully aware of acceptable and unacceptable standards of behaviour.

When children make good behaviour choices, we recognise this using our whole school behaviour reward systems. Catching someone ‘doing right’ is more effective than remonstrating with someone for ‘doing wrong’.

If children’s behaviour makes others feel unsafe or unhappy, we have a system of consequences which have the purpose of reducing the risk of reoccurrence and help them to learn from their mistakes.

We help to define our expectations using our School Rules.