Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


At Etz Chaim we believe in giving the children the best start to their school life. Our Reception class is a place where the children can explore, problem solve, make friends and learn about the world around them in a safe and stimulating environment. Our staff are warm, friendly and nurturing to ensure that the children feel welcomed, valued and respected. The staff encourage independence from the children's first day through a daily routine, structure and child initiated learning. 
The Early Years Curriculum is based on the Early Years Framework (September 2021) alongside Development Matters, a curriculum guidance. This is taught through a combination of adult lead activities and child-initiated learning. Learning through play is a key point in Reception, giving the children a chance to practise real life activities and events using real life objects. We are responsive to the children's needs and interests and enable the children to become enthusiastic self-motivated learners. 
We know that outdoor learning is just as important as indoor learning. We encourage the children to free-flow between the indoor classroom and outdoor classroom. Etz Chaim are lucky to have a large and well resourced Foundation Stage outdoor classroom where the Reception children can play and learn. 
We plan based on the seven areas of learning and have high expectations for the children to achieve their Early Learning Goals. We strive for the children to do their best in the most fun, engaging and nurturing way.