Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Curriculum Information



At Etz Chaim we strive to provide all pupils with an ambitious and creative curriculum that allows all pupils to succeed. We have developed our curriculum to ensure that pupils knowledge and skills are developed cummatively over time. We provide opportunities for pupils to learn in a variety of ways in order to increase their fluency and independence.


We aim for our pupils to know more and remember more each day.


We ensure that our pupils have rich and stimulating learning experiences in a well-planned and organised environment within which they can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves; enabling them to become independent learners who make good progress and develop a strong Jewish identity. We aim to generate an excitement for learning for all, developing lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and reason, the courage and confidence to make mistakes and the motivation and resilience to work independently and overcome obstacles.


We promote cross curricular links wherever possible and ensure that the secular and non-secular areas of the curriculum are fully integrated; supporting and enhancing pupils learning and experience.


All staff have high expectations for pupils whilst recognising that each and every child is different. A wide variety of teaching strategies and techniques are used to enable pupils to learn effectively.


As the pupils learn and grow during their time in our school, they develop their aspirations for their own future, supported by the experiences, activities and opportunities that they are presented with. Pupils leave Etz Chaim ready for the next chapter of their education. They leave with fond memories and proud achievements together with the confidence and skills needed to be lifelong learners.


Please contact the School Office if you would like any further information.