Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


At Etz Chaim we focus on providing a high quality Maths education, that engages, inspires and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to reason, problem solve, make links, and build on a progression of skills across the years. We aim to give the children meaningful learning experiences and the ability to deepen their learning and master mathematical skills. Through the use of the National Curriculum, teachers build progression throughout the year groups and incorporate high-quality resources from White Rose to plan for daily maths lessons. Our Maths lessons are vocabulary rich, engaging and interactive.


At Etz Chaim we intend to develop:

  • Children’s use of mathematical vocabulary
  • Children’s abilities to work independently and collaboratively
  • Children’s problem solving and logical thinking skills
  • A use of a variety of mathematical resources so children are able to show their working out in a concrete way, before showing pictoral and formal ways of representation
  • Fluency of children’s mathematical recall, for example number bonds


We have various ways that we deepen pupils mathematical understanding:

1. Conceptual understanding

  • Children are taught through clear modelling. The mastery approach incorporates using objects, pictures, words and numbers to help children explore and demonstrate mathematical ideas, enrich their learning experience and deepen understanding at all levels.
  • We use Numicon, dienes, multilink and various other concrete resources to develop fluency, help children reason and develop children as confident problem solvers.

2. Language, vocabulary and communication

  • At the start of each new topic, key vocabulary is introduced and revisited regularly to develop language acquisition, embedding as the topic progresses.
  • Children are encouraged to use mathematical vocabulary in their classroom talk and in their reasoning and justifications
  • ·Teachers encourage children to use stem sentences when answering mathematical questions. These are displayed in the classrooms relating to the relevant topic, alongside a Maths Toolkit which has all the tools the children need to solve their calculations

3. Mathematical thinking

  • Within the Maths hub schemes of learning, each National Curriculum objective is broken down into fluency, reasoning and problem solving; our teachers use the learning challenges to teach for mastery - an approach to extend and deepen the understanding of pupils within each year group. Our teaching staff uses this document in conjunction with a range of other useful resources such as NCETM, NRich, Numicon and Maths No Problem.


A love of maths is encouraged throughout school via links with others subjects. The children learn in a Maths rich environment with Maths learning everywhere and therefore are able to link between the subjects. The children also develop a love for Maths by creating fun and memorable experiences. Each year, there is also a Maths Day with a particular link or an area of focus. The children have access to many resources online to develop their mathematical knowledge, including Mathletics and TTRockstars.


Please click here to watch supporting videos for parents from White Rose in order to help you help your children with Maths.


The calculation policy is used within school to ensure a consistent approach to teaching the four operations over time.

Please click here to view the Maths Progression Document.

Please click here to view the Calculation Policy.