Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School




At Etz Chaim we teach physical education with the aim of equipping pupils with the tools and understanding needed to make a positive impact on their own physical health and well-being. The PE curriculum allows for pupils to develop both physically and emotionally, whilst looking after their health. We provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities for pupils to develop a full physical literacy, so that they are able to gain the valuable life skills ascertained through the subject. Sporting activities at Etz Chaim enable all our children, whatever their gender and ability, to acquire specific skills within an enjoyable and challenging atmosphere. Not only does the curriculum aim to improve the wellbeing and fitness of pupils, but it underpins the values of PE beyond the sporting skills taught. This includes cooperative and collaborative work, which are essential elements of effective team work.  


We offer all our pupils a wide variety of sporting opportunities and support them in developing their physical skills in order to enhance life-long fitness and life choices. Physical activity is provided through a variety of opportunities including structured playground games, PE lessons, intra and inter-school competitions, virtual competitions, Sports Day and after school activities. 


Sporting Achievements 

The children take part in sports tournaments throughout the year. They train as a team leading up to the event and always work well as a team to demonstrate their best abilities.


Lunchtime and After School Clubs

At Etz Chaim we also offer a range of sports clubs at lunchtime and after school. Dance, football, boxing and yoga are just some of the exciting clubs that we offer.


Sports Leaders

All children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to experience being a Sports Leader for the rest of the school. The Sports leaders are responsible for promoting health, fitness and games skills to the Etz Chaim community. They run sports activities in the playground during lunch times and encourage their peers to keep fit and active.


Daily Physical

In addition, all children take part in 'daily physical' activities which are designed around core movement skills to encourage good physical development, coordination, stamina, rhythm, timing and self-esteem. It also enables children to be in a state of readiness to learn.


Sports Day 

At Etz Chaim we have an annual Sports Day, in the Summer Term where the children take part in a variety of fundamental skill activities. 



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