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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Year 3 highlights from 2015-2016

Come see Year 3's highlights from 2015-2016

Please click here to view Year 3's Newsletters from 2015-2016.



After a few months of caring for the womeries, they released the worms into the school garden. The children made predictions about the number of worms and counted them before setting them free. In most cases, the worms actually multiplied. Some children even found little baby worms. It was a big success and a lot of fun counting and making predictions about the worms, as well as distributing them around our new and growing garden.




This term the children’s literacy was centred on the reading of ‘Gregory Cool’, by Caroline Binch. Our reading inspired much work, including some creative writing pieces and drama based tasks to explore the consciousness of the main character’s decisions.

In maths, the children have been introduced to some new concepts relating to fractions, as well as developing their confidence with key skills such as telling the time, multiplying large numbers with a written method and identifying properties of 2D shapes. 

 The children have also linked their learning of our Scavengers and Settlers Topic in a clay modelling workshop and with our visit to the Museum of London’s ‘London Before London’ gallery. 

During book week, Year 3 visited the library together with Reception class. It was lovely to see the class reading to the younger children.

The Chaggigah Chumash presentation was a real highlight of Autumn Term 2. Learning the songs, lines for the play and putting in effort during rehearsals were all rewarded when it came time to perform.

The main focus for this half term was the ‘younger’ generation. The class used a visit to the nursery to investigate the toys which the younger children use and to inspire the invention of their own toys designed to promote health and exercise in toddlers. This project culminated in the writing of an explanation text of their toy.

This half term they have been learning about the Olympics. As well as finding out about the ancient Greek Olympics, the children have also looked at the modern Olympics. They explored the values which the games embody and thought about what these values mean and how they relate to them personally.

The children took part in celebrating the Queens 90th birthday at our school’s garden party. They baked cupcakes and made crowns. They also enjoyed practising for and performing their march in honour of the Trooping of the Colour.

The children also used volcanoes to inspire the dance and movement in PE. Each group built on their chorography from week to week to develop a full dance sequence interpreting the eruption of a volcano with travel, turns, jumps, gestures and stillness.

This half term also saw the school celebrate Yom H’atzmaut. As well as a dance workshop, Year 3 took part in a carousel of activities including a collaborative project with children from Year 4 to chalk draw a giant map of Israel on the playground.

Year 3 have enjoyed a history workshop learning about life in prehistoric Britain, from the Stone Age through the Bronze and Iron Age into modern Britain. This workshop was complimented with learning taking place in class. 



Art Printing: As part of art week, the class created their own Andy Warhol inspired art prints. Printing stamps were engraved and painted to create the final work. Here the children are printing their own t-shirt designs, which they were able to wear on Tu BiShevat

Our literacy for this term has focused on the memorable story of. Many activities were generated through our reading of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children enthusiastically took part in role-playing oompa-loompas rowing our boat down the chocolate river, drawing on sensory imagery to inspire our very own poems.

The children really enjoyed learning the moves and exploring the music and movement from the Indian culture during our Bollywood Dance Workshop.

A highlight of the half term was a visit from Mrs Wolfin. She brought in a skeleton, which the children all had the opportunity to examine. We laid the bones out and discussed bones and joints.



They also followed up on our Bio-Diversity Project. Last term we created wormeries to house and care for our garden worms. These worms, they learned, are good for the soil and will help the school to better the environment of the waste land at the back of the school which is being transformed into a garden.







Our IPC topic of the ‘Active Planet’ opened up lots of learning about earthquakes and volcanoes, and how our planet was formed and continues to grow. Among a few research tasks, the children also explored why people live in earthquake zone cities and how buildings have been designed to withstand tremors and quakes. The children have also learned about how a volcano is formed, and in investigating cross sections of volcanoes, built their very own clay erupting volcano!

The children used role play to help develop ideas for telling and writing of their own traditional tales. 

The children have developed their creative writing this term with poetry, diary writing and persuasive texts. Some highlight pieces of work include our ‘Diary of Stone Age Child’ and the ‘Job Application for a Stone Age Hunter’. 


Bag making: Year 3 designed and made their own bags. The children planned the look of their bag before sewing and stitching their bags together.

Swap Shop: the children took part in a swap shop. Children bought in an old item, which was destined for the rubbish, but rather than throwing it out, we recycled it. Children snipped, sowed and glued their swapped item to create something altogether new.

The children enjoyed all the festivities of Chunukah and made links into their learning . As well as crafting their own chunukiot, the children spun draddles in maths and wrote Chunnukah themed newspaper style articles.

Year 3 learned ‘Name Those Bones,’ a catchy song with lyrics that help us all remember what the bones are called and where they fit in the human body. It was a lot of fun singing and clapping together.

Year 3 made a video of the 'Name Those Bones' song. Click here to download the video.