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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


Come and see our highlights from 2016-2017.

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Quotes from the Nursery children about their learning from the Autumn Term:

I love nursery because I like climbing in the big playground.

My favourite is making Challah.

I love building huge towers with the blocks.

My favourite song was 10 fat sausages.

I like digging tunnels outside in the sand.

My favourite was monkey bread, it was yummy!

I like our new hairdressers.

I can play in the mud kitchen when I like.

The best is when we dipped our apple in the honey.

My favourite is when I choose new books in the library.

We learnt about animals the fast ones are the lions.


In the second half of the Summer term the children’s computing has greatly developed and they are able to use the computers and the Interactive Whiteboard The children have enjoyed using Purple Mash and Clicker 7.

The children in Nursery have really enjoyed exploring magnets this term. They walked round the school collecting materials and objects from different classes and tested to see if they were magnetic.

In the first half of the Summer Term the children created an airport role-play in the classroom.  The children have been building aeroplanes outside using large constriction blocks.

Our maths focus this half term has been matching numeral to quantity and working out one more and one less of a number.

In the second half of the Spring term Nursery were very lucky to have caterpillars. The children have loved watching them grow from tiny caterpillars to large ones. They then watched them grow in to chrysalises and are awaiting them to turn in to butterflies.

Our maths focus has been shapes and the difference between shapes. The children have been making pictures out of different shaped mosaics, and have talked about how many sides shapes have. The children have also been on shape walks around the school to find shapes in the environment.

The first part of the Spring Term the children learnt about different types of weather. They looked out the window at the rain, sun and snow! The children had fun trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

For PE this half term the children have learnt different ball skills. They have been catching and throwing, balancing and rolling balls. The children have worked well in partners and can all catch and throw a ball to each other!

They have enjoyed learning about our IPC topic ‘Animals.’ The children enjoyed role playing small world animals, learning about different types of animals and moving in gymnastics to animal music. The children enjoyed learning about chickens and were able to feed and pet a chicken.



The first half of the Autumn term was very  exciting for the children at Etz Chaim Nursery. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the different Chaggim and dipping the apple in the honey! The children especially enjoyed making apple crumble and singing special songs for Rosh Hashanah.


The children have been developing their Mathematical skills and have become more familiar with Numicon. They have been learning about number and shape and this has been taught in a practical way using Numicon.

Nursery have been using a check in desk, and made their own passports and tickets.

For Literacy the children have been working on their letter formation. They have been writing their name on their work, writing letters to each other and made teddy bears picnic invitations for Lag Ba’Omer.

They created a small world garden in the Foundation Stage Playground with tyres, mud, herbs and stones. The children were so excited when it was finished! The children added dinosaurs and little wooden people and used their imagination to create wonderful play experiences.

The children have been learning about healthy eating and have made fruit salad and explored vegetables. This has developed the children's fine and gross motor skills by cutting the vegetables and peeling the fruits.

The children were very lucky to have chicks in Nursery. The children liked learning about how they grow and enjoyed watching the chicks come out of the eggs.

Fine and gross motor skill shave developed through a love of playing outdoors and a developed interest in gymnastics.



The Nursery children have been challenged by using the new gymnastic equipment. They have been taking risks by shuffling, climbing, balancing and rolling. This is fantastic for their gross and fine motor development.

In Nursery they have learnt to work as a team through a variety of activities.  They are able to work as a team to construct dens in the big playground with materials, large construction blocks and large sticks. Once the children had constructed their den, they then role-played different scenarios. In the material they created a boat, and with the sticks they created a tent and had a ‘bonfire’ inside.

The children’s letter formation and fine motor skills have greatly improved. They really enjoyed this activity where they had to fill in the missing letters in their names.

The children have matched numbers 1-20 with Numicon and put them in order. They also matched glass tiles to numbered plates. Throughout these activities the children named the numbers which were one more and one less.

The children have been exploring making pictures with natural materials and flowers. They added frames and the children made their faces and turned the pine cones in to little people.

This term they have been focussing on letter formation and recognition, which will continue in to next term. The children have been tracing letters on the whiteboard and practising writing their names.

During Science Week they looked at our bodies and bones. The children had a visit from a doctor who talked to the children about different food groups and healthy eating. The children’s favourite Science Week activity was making a volcano!

Our IPC topic this term was Let’s Pretend. The children have learnt about different fairy tales and loved acting them out using masks.

The children have been focusing on mark making in Nursery this half term. For Chinese New Year the children painted Chinese letters with feathers.

They have enjoyed counting, making patterns and using numicon as money in their toy shop role play. It has been fantastic to see their mathematic knowledge develop and their favourite number song has been ’10 Fat Sausages.’



Mark making has been a real focus this half term. The children have been creating different pieces of art work using pens, chalks and paints. A favourite activity was the children painting pictures of their family.

The children have grown in confidence and independence in such a short space of time. We are looking forward to an exciting second half of the term.