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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Year 1

Come see Year 1's highlights from 2016-2017

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Quotes from the Year 1 children about their learning from the Autumn Term:

I have enjoyed playing on the big playground.

I enjoyed the role play when we played in the toy shop.

I enjoyed making my car for our transport topic.

I enjoy Magical Maths.

I enjoy using the writing area.

I enjoy Jewish Studies learning the Parasha.

I am proud of myself walking on the logs outside.

I am proud of my writing.

I am proud of my Chanukiah.

I am proud of all my hand writing because each time I do it I get better and better.

I have learnt how to form my numbers.



In the second half of the Summer term the children enjoyed performing for their Chagiggat Ha Siddur called Jack and the Magic Siddur.

In the first half of the Summer Term the children's IPC topic was 'Our World.'  This topic has been great to show the different creatures and features of our world. They went to see the bug hotel in the grassy area, which was a great experience and then the children wrote about the materials and the animals that might live there.

In the second half of the Spring Term the children thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Science Week.  The children got to measure the amount of sugar that goes into a can of coke.

In the first half of the Spring Term Year 1's IPC topic was Live and let live, They were lucky enough to have the chicks in the classroom next door so they were able to visit and have the chicks visit their classroom frequently. The children kept a diary of the chicks and their life cycle.

In the second half of the Autumn Term the children enjoyed their visit from Mrs Talisman’s chicken. They stroked the chicken and asked some interesting questions about the chicken.

In the first half of the Autumn Term the children enjoyed using the role play area to develop their language and communication with each other. They have had a doctor’s surgery, a hair dressers and a bus stop.

The children enjoyed their shape hunt around the school identifying and naming 2D shapes.

To celebrate Road Safety Week the children learnt how to cross the road safely.

The children have been using conjunctions in their writing such as and, but and because.

The children sorted animals into different groups such as, mammal, birds or fish.

The children enjoyed making cheese cake to help celebrate Shavuot. 

The children were able to follow a set of instructions to make their cheesecake.

The children were happy to show their favourite book on World Book Day.  They read a page of it and explained why it was their favourite book.

During Mathmagical day the children showed their creativity when they got to wear their hats.

During Maths this half term the children looked at a range of 3D shapes.  They worked on naming the shape and describing their properties including, faces, vertices and edges.


The children enjoyed exploring the playground and saying whether they were pushing or pulling their bodies to move along the equipment.

The children enjoyed completing simple division sums outside. The children showed amounts that must be shared between a certain number.

This was a real highlight for Year One as they have been making an extra effort to keep the classroom tidy and organised. The children look forward to regaining the trophy soon.

The children went on a walk around the school to identify different types of materials both inside and outside of the classroom. 

In the first half of the Spring Term the children celebrated Book Week.  They enjoyed Pippa Goodhart's visit.  This really inspired their creative writing.


The children have enjoyed exploring and manipulating materials in preparation for making their own Chanukiahs.

Following our shape hunt, the children have begun to sort 2D shapes into a Venn Diagram and an over lapping Venn Diagram.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their bus trip to Mill Hill Station. When they returned to the classroom they read and sequenced the story The Naughty Bus by Jan Oke.

For Black History Month, the children have learnt about the role of Bessie Coleman who was the first black, female pilot. They sequenced her life in order.