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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Year 1

Come and see our highlights from 2017-2018.

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In the Second half of the Summer term for our topic on The World Cup, the children made their own World Cup trophies. They were proud to hold them high as if they had won the World Cup!

The first half of the summer term, the children have had fun learning about flowers and insects. Groups of children made ‘bug hotels’ out of lego, some of them even included a swimming pool and security.

Another fun part of the outing was in the Creepy Crawly section, where children were able to use magnifying glasses to see real insects.

To build upon their gross motor skills and strength, the class were set tasks to build pyramids out of various materials.

In the second half of the Spring term the children came up with different criteria in which to sort several 3D shapes. They investigated what made which properties allowed a shape to roll and were able to use this knowledge to find 3D shapes in real life.

In the first half of the Spring term the children have enjoyed matching numerals to number words.

They were -making paper mache fruit, exotic fruit tasting, kebab making, fruit fan necklaces ,decorate cookies with icing , collaging fruit tree shape, creating 3D fruit shapes and decorating a leaf.

In the second half of the Autumn term for our topic ‘Let’s Celebrate’, the children planned their own celebrations and then presented them to the class. They designed party invitations, drew the food available and the going-home presents.

Music Day was fun for all, as they focused on the Camille Saint-Saëns composition. ‘The Carnival of the Animals – Elephants’. The children made elephant masks and learnt various facts about elephants.

Our topic this half term has been ‘How Are You?’ and we have learnt all about keeping our bodies healthy.

In English, the children wrote what they might put in their healthy salad.


Year 1 discussed why Orion might be scared of the dark and thought of some adjectives that he might use to describe the shadows. They wrote these in dark, black colours. The children then thought of different solutions for him and wrote them in bright, light colours.

In Jewish Studies, they looked at the sounds the different vowels make and how it might change the sound of the letter.

The girls watched as the butterfly carefully ate from a pineapple.

In Maths this term, the children had so much fun using cubes to measure the lengths and heights of a variety of items. They used playdough to make a family of ‘worms’ that were all different lengths.

For our topic ‘All Dressed Up’, the class used lego to make various items of clothing. Here, a group of children have made a tie from lego.

Our class book this half term was ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge. The children did some role play around a page in the book: when the Beast arrives in the City. They thought about the facial expressions of the people that would have been there.

They also had a little walk around the Dinosaur area, spotting the different creatures and trying to read their names.

To link with our topic, they went on a class outing to the Natural History Museum with a special visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibit.

In the run up to Pesach, our role play area transformed into Egypt. The class began learning about Ancient Egypt and the pyramids that still stand there today.

In groups, the children created a lovely free verse poem to describe a Palace from a story we were reading. They moved their words to change the order until they were all happy with their poem.

The children made spider diagrams with all the different ways we can communicate.

To link with our topic ‘Media Magic’, which is all about communication, the children used magnets to make their own methods of communication and wrote about each one. Children have made a phone, a typewriter and a laptop.

In the lead up to Chanukah, the class used lego and magnetics to make some different menorahs.

In Maths, we were looking at number bonds to 10, using the Numicon to help us. We also looked at the different coins and their values, using these to ‘buy’ items from the class shop.

They have been reading ‘How to Find a Fruit Bat’ by Michelle Robinson and have completed lots of fun activities linked with the book! They went on a hunt for a fruit bat around the playground, built a boat to help us on our journey and even crawled through a ‘cave’ in search of the mysterious creature!