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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Year 5

Come and see our highlights from 2017-2018.

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In the second half of the Summer term the children looked at our book 'Varmint' the children predicted what would happen next through acting out their predictions.

In the first half of the Summer term the children were extremely fortunate to listen to George Summerfield explain his story as an evacuee during World War Two. 

For Shavuot this year, Year 5 had the opportunity to create flower parcels for families who could not afford to celebrate Shavuot by remembering the flowers at Mount Sinai. 

In the second half of the Spring term the children enjoyed their bike-ability training and learnt lots about how to ride a bike smoothly and safely.

In the first half of the Spring term Year 5 enjoyed lighting their candles and using their candlesticks that they made out of clay to welcome in Shabbat on the Shabbaton.

The children developed their emotional literacy knowledge through creating emotion thermometers using a range of different words and phrases.

In the second half of the Autumn term the children have understood the size and value of thousandths. The children explored physically making these numbers using Numicon and Baseboards.

In the first part of the Autumn term Year 5 were extremely lucky to be joined by Bnei Akiva for a Succah Workshop. The children in groups were given the task of creating a kosher Succah out of Lego. The children had to follow specific requirements in order to ensure it was unique and special.

They enjoyed a day out at JFS were the children participated in a P.E. lesson.

Year 5 loved our experience at Etgar where they showed everyone how much they know about Judaism.


Through the help of Streetwise, Year 5 learnt about the importance of healthy living and how importance is it to stretch and eat a balanced diet. 

The children performed excellently at the Dance Festival and showed the entire audience their hard work and their excellent timing and precision.


Year 5 enjoyed created their dresses for Mrs Baron during our Challenge Showdown on the Shabbaton.

The children went exploring in the snow to understand how to describe the texture of the snow using all of their senses. The children then used their experience in the snow to improve their previous work.

Year 5 have been exploring the flow of electricity. The children using a variety of different equipment to experiment how affects the brightness of a bulb.

Year 5 enjoyed a lovely trip to Mill Hill Succah with Seed. They participated in a question and answer session where all their questions about Succot were answered, which was followed with a Pizza Lunch.

In order to truly understand the impact of exercise on our circulatory system the children measured their pulse before and after completing a range of different exercises.

To help sympathise with the main characters in our class book 'Varmint', the children performed plays were they re-enacted the moment that the Varmint lost their land to the 'Others'. 

The children this topic learnt about the importance of how to perform when reciting poems. The children did this through reading their own interpretation of the poem 'The Ocean's Blanket' by Carol Ann Duffy.

The children are practising their drama skills by performing plays and what might have happened before everyone disappeared on the ghost ship from our class novel.

The children are practising very hard for our Dance Festival in March.

The children were assessing how different materials absorb water. This experiment taught the children what materials are soluble and what are insoluble.

The children led an assembly where they taught the school about the importance of Remembrance Day and what impact we are making by buying a poppy each year.

The children enjoyed cracking a difficult code to discover why the police needed a thin sheet of paper at a crime scene. The children used their knowledge of improper fractions and mixed numbers to discover the identity of each letter.

The children learned how to classify animals through an interactive lesson outside where each child was given an animal and had to find out where it belonged based on appearance and characteristic.

In groups, the children derived a timetable for a day in the jungle. The children included survival necessities to gain a deeper understanding on the character Jemmy Button from our class book and how he lived and survived in the jungle.