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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


In Maths this term the children have been learning about sequences and the daily routine, linking it to time. They have also been revisiting everything that they have learnt this year. The children’s favourite thing to make is patterns out of anything. These children counted their blocks in 2s and 10s.

The children in Reception love our balance bike lessons. They are getting really brave now, and even lift up their feet as they glide along the playground. The children understand the safety of wearing a helmet and listening to the teacher’s instructions. 

This term the children have been learning about weighing, measuring and 3D shapes. The children enjoyed exploring capacity with the water!

This term the children have been learning about weighing, measuring and 3D shapes. The children weighed different objects in the class with the scales and talked about how they moved up and down. When learning about 3D shapes, the children made them out of magnatiles

In the second half of the Spring term the children have loved learning how to double, halve and share a number (especially when we had to share gems). They have also loved counting in twos, fives and tens. They have started to learn how to use different objects to measure and will continue next term.

Reception class love to cook! For Chinese New Year the children made their own spring rolls, which they learnt how to eat with chopsticks. They loved tasting bean sprouts and rolling the spring rolls was great for their fine motor skills as they had to squeeze hard.

The children in Reception are fantastic at building models with the wooden blocks. They create castles, houses and magic places, which they use to tell stories with small world characters.

In the second half of the Autumn term, the children have loved learning their phonics and always try their hardest to blend words, and write words that they’ve learnt.

The children love our magic light box! They are using magnifying glasses to look at the spiky shell of the conkers. They have really liked exploring all the lovely things the children collected in their Autumn treasure bags.

Reception have been reading ‘Stanley’s Stick’, the children are creating their own special sticks to take on adventures. Some sticks could fly, others could turn in to fire! It was lovely to see the children use their wonderful imagination when making their sticks.

Our IPC topic this term was ‘Treasure’, this has been one of the children’s favourite topics. They have loved learning about pirates and treasure. They especially liked the pirate cave in the classroom, where they got to play their favourite phonics game, of sorting real and nonsense words. 

In Reception we have been learning about Plants, Flowers and Minibeasts. The children have loved watching our caterpillars grow, and they have started to change into chrysalises. We have planted a flower and herb garden, and have talked about the importance of bees. 

The children loved ‘travelling’ to Israel for Yom Ha’atzmaut. They created their own passports and flew off to Israel. The children made and ate Israeli salad and pitta bread and created Israeli flag bunting.

For PE this term, Reception have been doing gymnastics. They have got really good at slowing down, jumping off the equipment correctly and safely, and learning different ways to move around the room in time to music. This has prepared them for next terms PE topic of dance.

During Science Week the whole school had to complete an egg drop experiment. In Reception the children designed and created a model to put their egg in. They worked together in teams, and were quite competitive. Then we dropped the eggs and wrote about what happened. Three eggs broke and six eggs didn’t!

For Road Safety Week, the children designed road safety posters, and talked about how to be safe alongside the road as well as being safe when they cross the road. They created a lovely display with all their posters. The children practised crossing the road in the playground and then crossed the road on Daws Lane at the zebra crossing.

They were rewarded with an under the sea tea party, where they made sandwiches, wrote invitations and a special guest (Mrs Baron) came too!

They love baking in Reception! The children are becoming more independent at following recipes and are very good at taking turns and sharing when we bake. Here we made yummy biscuits with chocolate chips for chocolate maths week. The children had to count how many chocolates they were putting on their biscuits.

The children have loved learning about being healthy in Reception. They have talked about how to keep our body healthy and the importance of exercise and good hygiene. The children’s favourite story was ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ where they learnt about a crocodile that had false teeth. This then linked to the children brushing teeth pictures with shaving foam and toothbrushes. They also sorted out healthy and unhealthy foods and created lovely pictures of a healthy meal.

The highlight of this topic had to be going on a treasure hunt in the park. The children read clues and found hidden treasure around the park, their last clue was to find Miss Genn and the treasure chest, where each child got to pick their very own real treasure!

The children have been very creative at the Mindful Station, where they are given a line on a piece of paper.  They had to use their imagination to create a picture with the line. They then wrote about their pictures, some children made up a story and some wrote why they made that picture.

The children have learnt about Van Gogh and painted their own sunflower pictures.

The children loved Purim! Beforehand they designed costumes for their teachers and for Humpty Dumpty (as we had the egg drop experiment that week) and got dressed up in class. The children also made a story map of the Purim story and wrote about what they did for Purim in and out of school.

For Maths in Art Day the children learnt about the artist Paul Klee (pronounced clay) who painted a picture called ‘Castle in the Sun’. The children designed their own castles; cut out shapes and made a collage of a castle and then made a whole class picture which was shown in assembly. The children also wrote facts about Paul Klee, and what they lied and disliked about his painting.

Our maths focus this half term has been addition, subtraction, doubling and symmetry. The children love using the Numicon to work out sums. They are beginning to write their own number sentences using the correct symbols.

Our focus this term in maths has been addition and number bonds as well as number recognition. The children love playing number bingo and are very helpful to their friends if they cannot recognise a number.

The children love being outside in the Foundation Stage playground. They love bouncing across the playground on the space hoppers, especially when we build an obstacle course, and building with the large blocks.

After lunch in Reception we do 10 minutes of yoga. The children are able to relax and get ready for their afternoon learning. They all get very excited to do yoga, and always wonder which one we will do. They especially like it when the teachers join in!