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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School


PE has been lots of fun this term, the children have learnt to move in different ways, and negotiate space sensibly. Jumping off the trapeze has been their favourite thing to do, as well as rolling and catching balls. We have also been focusing on balance, and have enjoyed lots of fun balancing activities in the Foundation Stage playground. 

Our topic this term was ‘Animals’. The children enjoyed a variety of animal visits. Mrs Talisman brought in her chicken and Leora from Zoolab brought in lots of different animals. The children loved the rat, as it did tricks. The children also learnt about animal habitats and loved making animal print pictures.

The children in Nursery are great at making playdough. They choose which colours they would like, and add the paint to their flour and salt. The children then make lots of fun things with the playdough and are great at taking turns and sharing.

The Summer Term has been a little bit different this year! The children adapted so well to remote learning, and completed most of the tasks set on their choice boards. It was lovely for the teachers to continue to see the children’s love for learning at home, as well as in school. All the children ran in to school on their first day back, and have loved being in their ‘hall classroom’ as they have fondly named it. The children told us all about the wonderful things they did at home, both on and off the choice board. We heard about adventures that they had been on, things they had cooked and baked, and Zoom birthday parties and calls with each other. It’s great to see their friendships have remained and new ones have formed since being back in school. The children enjoyed learning about Pesach and Shavuot and the different Parasha’s. They also had a great time singing Ivrit songs and making yummy pita and Israeli salad for Yom Ha’atzmaut. Since coming back to school the children have been enthusiastic about learning, and understand that they can’t touch and hug each other. We have learnt to air hug and air high five. The children are so excited to go to Reception in September!

This term in Maths, the children have been counting up to 10. They have been matching the numbers to amounts, for example, making towers to match a chosen number. The children are also using Numicon to help them count and recognise numbers. Another focus in Maths, has been shapes. The children have been on shape walks around the school and inside the classroom. 

The children have been learning about emotions and feelings. We have also been talking about how to find our brave, the children have been recognising something daily that they have done that is brave, whether it is trying new food at lunchtime or playing with someone new. They have also been using lego faces with emotions on, to talk about and draw how they have been feeling. 

Making chanukiahs was the highlight of the end of term. The children were great at rolling and manipulating the clay into shapes, which they then pressed metal nuts in as candle holders. They then decorated them with colourful paints and glitter. The children knew that they needed 8 candles and a shamash.

The children have really enjoyed going to the library. They are becoming more independent at selecting their own books, and often read to each other. The favourite theme of books is animals or superheroes.

The children are drawing their self-portrait for our ‘We Are Nursery’ display. They looked in mirrors and talked about what they needed to draw.

We love junk modelling in Nursery! The children have created rockets, telescopes, bins, treasure chests and robots.

The children in Nursery are very creative, this term they have drawn still life picture of flowers and fruits, to link with Tu Bishvat and Spring, as well as lots of fun painting and collage activities. These children are using chopsticks to paint with, this was a fun Chinese New Year activity. 

Our IPC this term was Houses and Homes, the children brought in pictures of their houses and their favourite room in their house. They also drew pictures of different types of houses and flats. The children loved acting out the story of the Three Little Pigs, and making a straw, stick and brick house out of collage materials. 

The children have been great in maths, they’ve loved learning about the Numberblocks, and have learnt up to 10. The children are beginning to recognise the numbers and are matching the Numberblocks to Numcion.

The Nursery children had their first Da Capo session this term. They joined in beautifully with the songs, and looked after the musical instruments.

The children loved learning about Rosh Hashanah. They created cards for their families, practised blowing the shofar and created apple window decorations.