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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Year 2

This term Year 2 practised their addition and subtraction skills by focusing on the place value of every digit. 

The children researched and created books about the seven different continents. All information was researched independently using a range of books from our library.

The class worked very hard to understand and sequence the story of Guy Fawkes. This group summarised and drew illustrations to explain the moment when the king was informed what Guy Fawkes was planning.

The children focused very hard on their letter formation. They began using their hands to shape the letters in the air. The children then used whiteboards to create the letters accurately.

To help the children identify with the characters within the story, they performed role play scenarios about a doctor’s surgery. This scenario involves, a waiting room, the receptionist, a patient, a doctor and a concerned mother.

Whilst working remotely Year 2 were absolute superstars! With the help of guided videos, the children completed tasks across the curriculum. They consolidateexisting skills and tackled new areas such as Time and Fractions. One of the main focuses during this time was their handwriting, which the class excelled at. It was lovely to see how the children adjusted to this style of teaching and shared their thoughts, learning and understanding in such confidence.

The class created different habitats using a range of materials, including polar, desert, micro, woodland, rainforest and ocean. 

On Road Safety Week, the class created a road for a Beebot to travel safely on. They ensured the programmed the Beebot to stop at the Zebra Crossing.

To introduce the children to the idea of measuring in metres, the children created a line measuring up to 2 metres. We then placed this line by the wall and the children measured themselves and compared their height to others. 

The children completed a sensory circuit to help understand the importance of exercising the brain. In this circuit the children are completing the organising section. The exercise is helping the children sort and prepare the brain and body by providing scenarios where focus is needed.

The children used concrete objects to help represent numbers in different ways.

The children practised performing different gymnastics rolls on various apparatus. 

The children participated in an e-safety lesson run by the digital leaders. They were creating posters about consent via different apps.

The class used Numicon to help understand different number bonds to 100. This helped them understand the relationship between number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 100.

On No Pens Day, the children performed plays to show their prediction of what would happen when the Egg Box Dragon was placed under the moon.

The children created Rosh Hashanah themed cards using balls of tissue paper.