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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Year 3

This half term, the children started learning to play the ukulele. They have learnt a variety of strings and songs and are very enthusiastic about learning to play a new instrument.

Year 3 started their topic Fashion by looking at different types of clothing from around the world. They predicted where they thought it was from and described the type of clothing. Some children even knew the names of the clothing!

The children enjoyed learning and exploring our class book Belonging. It looked at the same house and view throughout a girl called Tracy’s life. The children took a picture from the book and wrote what they might be able to see, hear and smell.

Year 3 were very excited about their new topic ‘Chocolate’. So that the children could understand a little bit more about chocolate, they took part in a ‘senses laboratory’ where they tasted, smelt, touched and felt chocolate, asking and answering questions throughout.

The children thought about the many different ways that they were connected as a class. When it was their turn, they had to hold the ball of string and say something about themselves. If another child had that in common, they would pass the string to them. This showed a beautiful web of connections.

During the summer term, the children worked remotely. They were given a weekly choice board with a variety of activities including English, Maths, JS, Ivrit, Humanities, Physical, PSHE. The choice board built on skills already taught over the year or introduced new concepts which were accompanied by a teaching video or resource. The children had a great time getting involved in the creative and investigative activities and developed skills in many areas.

The children had Dance as their topic for PE. They learnt about the six basic actions that a human can do and acted these out in groups. They also put them into a routine on a 'fashion catwalk'.

The children wrote poetry based on the class book Belonging. To understand how poems are set out and how they sound, they performed different poems in groups and discussed why they thought they were effective.

The children enjoyed practising and performing for their Chaggigat HaChumash. They learnt their songs and lines off by heart and performed to their family and friends. They have enjoyed learning from their brand new Chumashim.

The children have been reading the book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ this half term. As part of this, they took part in a conscience alley deciding whether Mr Wonka should close down the chocolate factory or not. They thought about reasons for and against and told them to ‘Mr Wonka’ as he walked down the alley.

Year 3 really enjoyed Science week and linking it to our topic 'Light'. The children picked a variety of items from around the classroom and used their reflective testers (paper and torch) to test whether the materials were reflective or not. They recorded this in a table

The children discussed and wrote instructions of how to cross the road. At the end of the week they practised crossing the road in partners safely and sensibly.

Year 3 have been building up their fitness and endurance through Golden Mile this term. They go out every day and run the length of a mile across the playground. The children enjoy being able to run more and more each day.

The children have spent some of this half term exploring place value and the value of each digit in three and four digit numbers. They were given different numbers and they had to find how many hundreds, tens and ones were in them. They also had to make these numbers using dienes.