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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Road Safety Week

 To celebrate National Road Safety Week the children across the school took part in a variety of activities to help them understand and learn about road safety.

Nursery and Reception took part in special activities for Beep Beep Day. For more information about please go to:

The children in Foundation Stage also learnt a ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Think’ rap, which they used to create lovely road safety posters. The children used role-play equipment in the Foundation stage Playground to practise crossing the road safely and carefully.

The Junior Travel Ambassadors helped the children in Foundation Stage to cross Daws Lane at the zebra crossing. The children all knew that they need to hold hands to cross the road and they talked about stopping at the side of the road to make sure it is safe to cross.

In Year 1 the children wrote instructions on how to cross the road. They crossed the road outside of school and participated in road crossing role play in the playground. They also enjoyed making their own road safety posters.

Year 2 enjoyed practising how to cross the road at Daws Lane correctly and sensible. Then when they came back to the classroom watched a short clip on how to stay safe when crossing the road. The children then created their own jingles to explain how to stay safe when crossing the road.

Year 3 went on a trip to cross the road and demonstrated how to do this safely and sensibly. Following this, they had to use their knowledge of crossing the road safely and explain this to an alien who had just landed on Earth. They used their knowledge from the trip and the key words to write lovely instructions.

Year 4 watched a video from the Government's Think Website. This showed a number of scenarios that presented danger for children crossing the road or by the roadside. They discussed each scene and explored the best ways to stay safe. The children also created their own road safety posters.

Year 5 also practised crossing Daws Lane and reviewed the Green Cross Code. The children also looked at different adverts and what they teach us about road safety. The children compared the two different sources and identified them as primary and secondary sources.

Year 6 watched a video called 'Expect the Unexpected', where the children considered how to keep safe when crossing the roads without an adult. They found the school on a map and plotted the route to the side roads and main roads they were going to cross. The children were supported to consider pedestrians' behaviour from the point of view of the driver. As they crossed roads in two's they had to shout out their observations and what they were thinking in order to cross safely.

At the end of the week the children celebrated Be Bright and Be Seen to make them more visible to drivers in order to prevent road accidents. The children enjoyed coming into school wearing one item of something really bright or light.

The whole school enjoyed a special assembly where each class shared their learning from Road Safety Week.