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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Class Reps

At Etz Chaim we want to build a sense of community. The role of the Class Rep is an important part of our school as it will enable parents to get to know each other and feel a greater part of the school. It means that in a moment of need parents may know somebody in their child’s class that they can call upon. It also means that parents will always have somebody to talk to when they come in to the school premises.

We know that if parents are involved in school and are happy and confident then so are their children.

The main role of the Class Rep is to support the Class Teacher – it is not as a point of contact for parents’ concerns about educational issues. Parents’ first point of contact for these should be the Class Teacher.  If a parent contacts a Class Rep about an educational issue, they would refer them to the relevant person in school.

The Class Reps are a part of a school wide network which provides a channel through which information can be shared. Due to the close contact between the Class Reps and the class parents, the contact information collected at this personal level allows fast and effective communication amongst the school community, using modes that are preferred by each class and that suit the needs of the parent body in that class. 

Class Reps may forward emails promoting events/activities to the parents of their class as and when requested.

The Class Reps may help teachers coordinate parent assistance e.g. volunteering for a school event. The Class Reps and other classroom helpers will need to be respectful of privacy, maintaining the confidentiality of teachers, children and parents at all times.

The Class Reps may assist with events, acknowledgements - such as a class family member being ill or passing away, a teacher’s wedding or a new baby etc. If the Class Rep is in a position to help with organising a card or small gift and if there is time to take a voluntary collection, many parents are happy to oblige.

We ask all our Class Reps to be a point of contact should the school close for an emergency – such as heavy snow. If we do close, the Class Rep will receive a message from the School Office, and should then pass it on to each of the families in their class. We have a separate SMS system in place, so the Class Rep contact is as a backup system.

The role of the Class Rep may also include:-

  • Encouraging support for school/PSA events.
  • Attend regular class rep meetings.
  • Create and keep updated emergency tree.
  • Notify parents of special events and happens at school.
  • Welcome new families in their class.
  • Hold class or year group coffee mornings
  • Keep regular contact with their Class Teachers and ask regularly if help is required.
  • If Class Teachers need help with activities, Class Reps will arrange the help by getting other parents/volunteers to participate.
  • Be available for class trips when asked or find if they are not available someone who can help
  • Promote positive public relations for the school
  • Direct all academic questions and issues to the Class Teacher or Headteacher

Their main focus is to create an atmosphere of cooperation, optimism, support and care.


Here are some quotes from our Class Rep:

Mrs Michaelson, "I think it's an important role for welcoming any new parent into the class, for arranging nights out, for being another pair of hands or voice for the school and to ensure that all parents are kept aware of the activities and things to remember about their child's school day."

Mrs Laifer, "It has been a pleasure to serve as a Class Rep for the past couple of years, to both aid the flow of information from the school to my fellow parents and to provide assistance to the class when they require it. I’d recommend that everyone tries it at least once!"

Mrs Rose, "We act as an extra communication channel between the school and the families, helping make sure no one misses a mufti-day or forgets a football class!"

Mrs Green, "I loved getting more involved in the school community and seeing the school move forward by bringing together the parents positive feedback and the teaching staff experience to make the school even better.  It was also a great insight into the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff members within the school and their commitment to our children."

Mrs Goldstone,"Class reps play a role in bridging the gap between parents and members of staff."