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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

Circus Skills 2015

 The children started the day with a circus skills assembly where they saw Matt juggle with up to 6 balls at one time.  He showed the children how to spin plates and some children came to the front to spin the plates while balancing on one foot!  Matt explained to the children that everyone learns in different ways and it takes everyone a different length of time to learn and develop new skills.  The message of the assembly was not to give up and to keep trying.







Nursery were able to focus on developing many fundamental skills including their core strength, hand to eye coordination and fine and gross motor movement. The children particularly enjoyed spinning the plates on a stick and balancing them on different parts of their bodies!







Reception enjoyed their circus skills workshop and choose a variety of different skills to have a go at. The children loved the plate spinning activity and many took to the challenge of balancing the peacock feather on their nose. It was great to see that the children were confident in trying different skills and activities. They tried really hard and did not give up if they found it hard.







Year 1 tossed scarves in the air and giggled as they blew hard to keep them floating.  Plate spinning proved challenging whilst bending, turning and skipping.  The children also enjoyed juggling and balancing. It was good to see the confidence and perseverance the children showed throughout the workshop.







Year 2 began by developing the skill of juggling with scarves. They started with one and then progressed to two and had a go at crossing them over.  The children then moved onto balancing a feather on their hand, finger tip and nose.  Following this, the children moved onto spinning plates, they then worked with a partner where one started spinning the plate while the partner had to come and take the plate from them and finally they had to throw the plate in the air and the partner had to catch it.  Then the children worked on perfecting their skills of juggling, plate spinning, attempting to walk on stilts and moving on wheels!







Year 3 had a go at juggling with coloured scarves - beginning with just one and ending up with 3! Then they learnt how to spin plates. This was a lot of fun as they were able to walk around spinning the plates as well as spinning them on one finger and attempting to keep them spinning whilst they put them behind their backs and under their legs!! Balancing the peacock feathers was our next skill to learn. They were able to balance the feathers on the palm of our hands, on one finger, on our arms and on our noses. Finally, they had time to perfect some of these skills as well as attempt to walk on stilts, make patterns with streamers and ribbons and travel forwards and backwards on wheels.