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Etz Chaim Jewish Primary School

World Maths Day 2015

World Maths Day started off with a bang.  The day began with an engaging and interactive assembly with Bumble the Clown. In the assembly the children had to estimate how many teachers could fit inside the 3D cube.  Then they counted as the teachers went into the giant cube to check if their estimation was correct.  They also discussed the properties of the 3D shape.

Nursery were thoroughly engaged with a practical maths workshop with Mr Bumble.  They saw balloons modelled into a wide range of shapes and different shaped bubbles.  In the Nursery they carried out a number of different mathematical activities. Some children stacked cups with numbers written on up to 20.  They enjoyed threading numbers and explored shapes with their friends.  The children developed their fine motor skills by fishing for different numicon pieces with fishing nets.  They also enjoyed matching the dominoes pieces in the outside area.







World Maths Day was very exciting in Reception. The children learnt about 3D and 2D shapes and were able to describe the properties of the different shapes. They compared and contrasted a cube and a sphere.  They loved making different shapes with bubbles.  

Reception played lots of different mathematical games on the computers and IWB, consolidating the children's knowledge of how to make the number 10. They also played table football where the children had to tally their points up to 5. Outside they played in the mud kitchen focussing on halving and doubling amounts.


During the Maths Workshop, Year 1 consolidated their understanding of both 2D and 3D shapes.
They not only estimated a metre in height and width, but also used the large 3D shapes to compare volume.  Year 1 loved estimating how many teachers would fit into the metre cube! They will repeat this process with children in our class soon to compare.  They were amazed when children were placed in a huge bubble! In class they explored ‘lots’ of 5 and 10 using numicon, coins and pictures to help them. 
They also incorporated Maths within their role play of the circus; counting the number of times they could throw and catch a beanbag in one minute and bowling to knock skittles down and adding the amounts written on them together.  Using rulers, string, pencils and chalk, they also investigated ways in which they can create big and small circles.



Year 2 had a fantastic workshop learning about shapes.  Mr Bumble helped the children to find a metre on their bodies and measured to see who was the tallest and shortest person in the class. They used the metre point on their bodies to find objects bigger and smaller in the room.  Mr Bumble made a cube out of metre balloons and the Year 2 children were able to discuss the features of the properties.  They found out that you don’t name edges on a 3D shape, we call them vertices.  To end the fun workshop they double dipped the nets of a cube and an octahedron in bubble juice which created sphere in the middle!
In the classroom, Year 2 were set a maths challenge to see how many different ways they could make 36 in 5 minutes!  Throughout the day they completed lots of maths jobs and carried out mathematical investigations using four numbers to make 9 or 12.
Year 3 had tremendous fun at the Maths workshop and learnt interesting facts about 3D shapes. They learnt that it doesn’t matter if they make mistakes as we can learn from our mistakes. Some of the children used balloons to construct their own 3D shapes and had to follow different rules e.g. no bending or twisting the balloons. Although the challenges weren’t easy, the children persisted and were pleased with their results.
Year 3 also watched a bubble show using 3D shapes made out of small plastic tubes and enjoyed seeing the results. For example, a tetrahedron was double dipped in the bubble mixture to produce a small tetrahedron bubble shape inside and then, when the bubble was released, it was a sphere. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and agree that ‘Maths is Fun!’
Year 3 had lots of different activities set up for World Maths Day. The children played some different times tables games; matched pairs with various number bonds; played games where they counted in various multiples and solved some real life word problems and puzzles. Year 3 enjoyed the activities and worked hard to master the challenges.‚Äč